May 13, 2017 Maruf

How to get the best freelancer for your project

In this modern world it not tough to get the best freelancer for your project, if you are smart enough.  You just need to consider few important points while searching the best fit freelancer for you.  Lets dive into those points

Project details and skills tag

In order to get a freelancer you must need to post a project first, maybe in or . While posting your project choose the best fit title for your project. For example, you need to create a website for your online store. Thus project title can be “Build an online store” .

While writing description go as much as details you can, describe all your requirements. You can point them out, it’ll be easier for a freelancer to understood or you can add an attachment in PDF or Word doc or in Power Point presentation.

Before posting the project you’ve to select few skills tag those are required for your project.  Like, for your online store you need a freelancer who is good at following skills ‘PHP’ , ‘eCommerce’ , ‘ CSS’ , ‘HTML’ and if you want your website in CMS like wordpress than you should add these skills too ‘WordPress’ , ‘WooCommerce’ . The more perfect tags you are adding the more chances of getting the best freelancer, cause expert freelancers always search job based on their skills.

Know your freelancer Power and Limitations

Before selecting your freelancer check their portfolio, may be in their portfolio website or in marketplace website portfolio . Check their skills and earlier works carefully. That will help you assess whether they’re able to do the work properly.. Never ask a freelance web designer for a data entry job. Forcing these moves runs the risk of losing your best freelancer.

Ask for budget and timeframe

Once you’re close to select your best freelancer, you should chat or make call via skype or some other means. Ask for a quote about the project. Try to meetup the requirements until everything is within your budget. Remember if your freelancer is happy to you, they can make you happy too with their best work.

Don’t loose your best freelancer

As you are busy with your task so each time finding a best freelancer is not a good idea.  Once your first project is completed perfectly, you can rehire that freelancer directly rather posting a job again. Simply go to the freelancer profile page and click the hire me button, its easy!

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